If you need full mouth teeth replacement, you may have heard of full mouth implants as they are one of the most popular, permanent teeth replacement solutions today. However, it is important to consider what are the pros and cons of a full mouth implant. Today we will discuss a few of these to help determine if full mouth implants are the right choice for you.



In the dental profession, full mouth implants are considered the best option available.

Unlike other tooth replacement options such as dentures, it is a permanent fix for teeth replacement.

They look and feel natural and the care and upkeep for them is the same as natural teeth. Once the procedure is done you will have a set of stunning, strong, resistant teeth that will last a lifetime.



The procedure may need to be performed in hospital under general anaesthesia as this is one of the most difficult dental treatments. It will be performed by a registered specialist with years of training and experience, however there is always the chance with major operations that an unforeseen complication can occur.

Also, full mouth implants are one of the most expensive treatments options available and may not be affordable for those on a budget.


Overall, each person will weigh the pros and cons of this procedure differently and therefore decide differently if it is the right choice.

If you require further information of what are the pros and cons of a full mouth implant are to see if it’s the right choice for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Manningham Dental Specialists. Our friendly team can help answer any further questions you may have or book a consultation appointment with one of our dentists.