Our teeth have to do a lot of hard work in a harsh, wet and acidic environment and it is no surprise that over time, they begin to wear down. While some tooth wear is completely natural, some cases show excessive wear and treatment is vital. This can happen to people who damage their teeth through grinding and clenching, which can occur subconsciously when you sleep. Some damage their teeth by excessive acidic food and drink consumption including too much citrus, vinegar and especially soft drinks. Gastric reflux and bulimia can also damage your teeth.

Unfortunately, our teeth are unable to rebuild lost structures and dental restorations are the only solution to restore your teeth, as well as prevent further damage. Every case of tooth wear is unique, and at MDS we will carefully plan and treat your problem to find the best solution. These are very complex cases and require specialist attention.

The most common reason for broken down teeth is caries or tooth decay. The teeth appear discoloured, stained, broken down and can feel loose. Beneath the surface, the teeth can often be deteriorating and reconstructive treatment may be hard to achieve due to the poor status of the foundation. In such cases, a staged treatment approach by one of our specialists can be achieved. All existing restorations (fillings and crowns) along with tooth decay will be removed and the remaining tooth structure will be assessed. We will try to preserve as many teeth as we can, though in some cases, not all teeth can be salvaged.