Whether it be a sporting incident, health complications or an accident, you may find yourself missing a few teeth. It is a common occurrence and is perfectly okay not to have all of your teeth. However, for various reasons, many people like to get their missing teeth replaced and want to know what their options are.



One of the leading reasons why people choose to get their missing teeth replaced is for cosmetic reasons. Missing teeth can have negative impacts on some people’s self-esteem and may stop them from doing things like smiling and talking as much as they would like to. Having a full set of teeth can help to restore their confidence.

Another major reason people choose to get their missing teeth replaced is for practical reasons. Missing teeth may hinder them from eating particular foods or being able to chew properly. Replacing the teeth could help to improve their quality of life by allowing them to be able to easily enjoy and eat any food they want.



There are 3 options for replacement of missing teeth: a removeable denture, a conventional bridge or an implant retained crown. Each of these options have their advantages and disadvantages and different aspects that determine which option is most suitable for each individual. For example, the condition of the persons remaining teeth, the condition of their jawbone, budget and what the patient wants.


If you have thought getting your missing teeth replaced would be too expensive, have a chat with us today. We here at Manningham Dental Services believe that everyone deserves dental care regardless of their financial situation and have options that may help those on a budget.