In the following post we will give a brief overview about what prosthodontics is and how a prosthodontist differs from a regular dentist.


Prosthodontics is the specialised field in dentistry that uses prosthetic dental care restorations (these can be removable or permanent) to repair damage and a variety of other dental related issues.

Prosthodontic treatments can be done for both cosmetic and functional reasons, helping to restore the appearance and function of natural teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth area.


Prosthodontists undertake a minimum of 3 years of full- time, advanced dentistry training in a graduate program that is accredited by the Australian Dental Council (ADC). Once this training is completed, they are registered with the Dental Board of Australia in the field of prosthodontics. The issues that they treat can be far more complex and difficult than those that a regular dentist can treat.

Primarily, prosthodontists will work to identify, treat, and restore a large range of dental health issues. This can include lost teeth due to injury, long term health conditions or other issues that require advanced oral restoration. These prosthetic dental restorations include: veneers, dental implants, crowns, onlays, inlays, dentures, bridges and plenty more. Their treatment continues beyond the cosmetic and functional aspects of restoring a patients’ teeth. A prosthodontist will develop a thorough, individualised treatment plan to stop any diseases or infections from spreading and allow you to maintain good oral health.

If you think that your dental needs may need to be treated by a prosthodontist, get in touch with Manningham Dental Services today. We have two prosthodontists on staff, just give our friendly team a call and they can book you in for a consultation appointment at your convenience.