If you have damaged or worn teeth, you may have been searching for the best option to help protect your teeth and restore your smile. Today we will discuss dental caps (or dental crowns) as a dental treatment option.

A dental cap, also known as a crown, is a “cap” made from dental materials that fits over the top of a damaged tooth to protect it. Dental caps can be fitted on multiple teeth. There is also the added benefit of dental caps helping to restore an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the patient’s teeth.

Dental issues that a dental cap can help with include:
• damaged teeth (i.e. chipped, cracked, worn)
• cavities and other areas of dental decay
• weak teeth (i.e. teeth that have had multiple fillings or weak due to medical reasons)
• post root canal treatment


Dental caps are a great option as they can be used to treat a wide variety of dental issues. For teeth that are worn, chipped, cracked it is a simple fix. For teeth that are not structurally sound due to major decay or already having been filled multiple times, a dental cap can provide structural integrity and strength. They restore functionality of your teeth as well as improve their cosmetic appearance.

If you have been looking for an option to restoring your teeth, dental caps work well for a lot of people. This being said, there are many different options for dental restoration and another option may be more suitable for your dental needs. If you’d like to find out more about dental caps or other dental treatment options, call our friendly team today. We can have an obligation free chat about what treatment may be best suited for you.

Dental caps or crowns are a great option for restoring your teeth and improving their appearance, as they can be made from materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or even metal. The cost of the crown usually vary depending on the type of material used and whether it is being placed in the front teeth or back teeth. When going through the dental crown procedure, a tooth-shaped cap is created and placed over the affected tooth in order to restore its strength and structure. There are several different types of crowns including porcelain/ceramic crowns, metal alloys, gold alloy and temporary crowns. Porcelain or ceramic crowns usually provide a more natural look, blending in better with your natural teeth. The material used for the crown also helps protect the underlying filling material and can improve your overall oral health.