Full Mouth Rehabilitation dental implants are implant – retained fixed bridges that are a more permanent solution to replace all teeth. They are a popular choice for complete denture wearers and those suffering from unbearable dentition and are susceptible to lose all of their teeth.

Not only do the obvious cosmetic benefits of this procedure provide people with more confidence, but it can also improve your quality of life greatly. No more having to take dentures in and out, difficulties with eating, or pain from poor teeth.

We here at MDS do things a little differently to most other dentists who offer Full Mouth Rehabilitation dental implants. Whilst most others will complete this procedure within 24 hours, we complete ours over a 3-day period. This is because there can be vital changes that need to be made along the way including: bite alignment, length of new teeth, position of new teeth and aesthetic changes. One size does not fit all, so by having the process spaced out across 3 days we can ensure that each step of the procedure is properly confirmed, and changes can be made along the way.

Our procedure also differs from many other dentist practices as we include the provision of two implant- supported bridges. The first is temporary, which is used during the first 3 months after the procedure whilst the implant fuses to the bone. The second is your permanent bridge, which is the prothesis that you will have for life. We do this as we don’t believe in taking short cuts and want to ensure that you get the best results possible with your Full Mouth Rehabilitation dental implants.

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