If you’ve been searching for safe and professional teeth whitening you’ve come to the right place. There are many external and uncontrollable factors that can cause yellow teeth including: genetics, age, red wine, coffee, medications, damage, and illnesses. One of the safest and most effective ways to whiten your teeth is through professional dental treatment. Our in chair teeth whitening process is safe, effective and pain free.

We use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. When done by a dental professional, the use of Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten teeth is completely safe.
We incorporate teeth whitening into your overall individualised dental treatment plan. We don’t do one size fits all approach as we know every patient has different desires and dental health. For example, some patients may need to incorporate other treatments in conjunction with whitening such as crowns or veneers to achieve an even colour across all teeth.
To begin with, we will discuss with you the level of whitening you would like to achieve and can advise how many treatments it will take to get your desired result. We also assess your dental health to ensure it’s a suitable solution for your teeth. After determining the exact concentration of bleach your teeth will require, we apply it with specially made teeth trays that fit you perfectly.
In most cases, we will be able to achieve 1 -2 shades difference through our whitening treatment. Teeth whitening can also be a more cost-effective alternative to more intensive treatments such as full mouth veneers.

What about an at home whitening kits? The issue with tooth whitening treatments such as at home kits and whitening trays is that many are completely unregulated. Sometimes its not even clear exactly what ingredients and chemicals are used in the whitening gel or their concentration levels. The wrong ingredients or too high levels of concentration can spell disaster for your teeth and gums. Once you’ve damaged your dental health, it is not likely that it can be reversed. Many at home whitening products can also be far weaker than dental grade products. These can leave you out of pocket with subpar results or take a long time for you to see results.
Only a dental clinic and fully qualified dental professional can properly assess your dental health and determine the appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide for your teeth and get you the instant results that you desire safely. We also prepare you with the knowledge of any side effects you could incur from the procedure and how to minimise and treat them at home.

If you’re looking for experienced and caring dental professionals who will guide you step by step through the whitening process, don’t do anywhere else. Manningham Dental Specialists have been servicing our local area since 2001. Our extensive experienced, sate of the art facility and equipment allow us to provide everything from general dental care through to specialised treatment options. To book a free consultation, give our friendly team a call today.