Here at Manningham Dental Specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of specialty services in cosmetic dental procedures, including dental veneers, to provide our clients with complete smile makeovers.

Veneers are thin shells of dental materials made to cover your natural teeth. They can help to fix a range of dental issues including discoloured teeth, worn down teeth, chipped or broken teeth, misaligned, uneven or irregularly shaped teeth and gaps between teeth.

Ceramic veneers (or porcelain veneers) look more natural as they mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth. They are also more stain resistant when compared with resin veneers.

Veneers can be made for as many teeth as necessary, whether that be just your front teeth or your entire mouth. Better yet they can potentially be a more cost-effective solution to correcting your dental issues depending on your individual needs.

They are also minimally invasive, simple, and pain-free way to fix a variety of dental issues with no recovery time. This in itself can be a more cost-effective solution as no recovery means you don’t need to take time off work to rest and heal like you may with other dental procedures.

The process for getting your veneers will take a total of three appointments with us.

The first appointment is a consultation appointment where we will diagnose and create a treatment plan completely tailored to you and your individual needs. Here is where you can tell the prosthodontist exactly what you are hoping to achieve in terms of appearance and functionality of your dental veneers.

Your prosthodontist (a.k.a cosmetic dentist) will then do a comprehensive examination of your teeth to ensure two things. First, they will be checking to see if veneers are indeed the best solution to achieve your desires. Secondly, they will also be checking to ensure that your teeth, gums and tooth structure are healthy enough to support veneers. In order to accurately and completely assess your individual situation, we may require taking x-rays and we may need to create impressions of your teeth and mouth. Something else we may suggest doing is a Digital Smile Design as part of the treatment plan.

A Digital Smile Design provides you the opportunity to see what your new veneers will look like before even beginning your veneer procedure. With the help of high-quality digital photography, we can develop a realistic, visual design of what your teeth will look like post treatment. This enables you to make any adjustments or tweaks to perfect your smile before committing to the procedure.

The second appointment is all about preparation for your new ceramic veneers. A small, very thin layer of enamel from your tooth’s front surfaces must be removed to accommodate your veneers which will replace the exact thickness lost. In most cases, you will not even need local anesthetic for this (although it will be provided if deemed necessary).

We will then use a special mould or impression to create a stone model of your teeth. We then send this model to a dental laboratory where they will use it to create your veneers. On average, this process can take roughly 1-2 weeks. But don’t panic about your teeth in the meantime as for very unsightly teeth we can provide temporary veneers at no additional cost.

In the third and final appointment, your ceramic veneers will be bonded to your teeth. First, we will temporarily fit it to your teeth and check that the fit, size, shape and colour are all perfect. Then we will clean and polish your teeth to allow for a strong bonding process. Finally, we permanently bond the veneers to your teeth with special dental cement. Before you go, we do one final check to assess your bite to make sure your new smile is both functionally correct and aesthetically pleasing.

Dental veneers typically last between 10 to 15 years. However, in some cases where reasonable care and maintenance has been carried out, some veneers have been known to last 25 years or more.

One of our founding principals here at Manningham Dental Specialists is that we believe quality dental care should be available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we aim to make all our services, ceramic veneers included, as cost effective as possible.

We also have financial plans available for your dental treatments. These plans are available through a third-party institution, and we can provide your with all of their information to see if it could be the right solution for you.

When you choose Manningham Dental Services for your ceramic veneers, you can trust that you’re getting the very best in cosmetic dental services and client care. We have prosthodontists, an oral maxillofacial surgeon, endodontist, oral hygienist and supporting staff.

Our Principal prosthodontist, Dr Borris Cherasski, holds a Master’s degree from the university of Melbourne. He specialises in cosmetic dentistry, more specifically, the use of implants for immediate tooth replacement and is a highly sought-after lecturer in professional circles both nationally and internationally for his knowledge.

Likewise, the rest of the Mannigham Dental Specialists team consists only of all highly qualified, registered dental specialists all with years of experience in each of their respective fields. So, you can have peace of mind that whoever you choose to care of your dental needs that you are in caring, highly knowledgeable and experienced hands.

We’ve been providing our range of specialty dental services to Melbourne locals now for 20 years. Making you as comfortable and happy as possible is a main priority of ours. From our friendly reception team and staff to our state-of-the-art facility we can cater to even the most difficult of dental procedures. We also have amazingly comfortable dental chairs and TVs in the surgery so you’re kept comfortable and busy whilst we work on perfecting your smile.

To enquire about ceramic veneers, give our friendly reception team a call or head to our websites contact us page.