As if loosing a tooth wasn’t bad enough, you’ve probably got a bit of a shock when researching the prices for single tooth replacement. Fret not, we here at Manningham Dental Services have three different options available for low cost single tooth replacement.


Implant-retained crowns are a two-step process. First, the implant is surgically placed into the jaw and then given three to six months to ensure they are fully healed. This is then used as the foundation for the crown or bridge to be placed on. Whilst you are going through the healing process, we fit you with a temporary tooth to protect your implant and help avoid discomfort.


There are two different types of bridges we offer: conventional or Maryland. With a conventional bridge, the artificial tooth is supported by the adjacent teeth. Maryland bridges use a metal “wing” on the side of the artificial tooth which is bonded to the back of an adjacent tooth.


Partial dentures are a removeable artificial tooth. For single tooth replacement, most people now will only choose partial dentures as a temporary fix before going for a more permanent option like implant-retained crowns or bridges. This is because they can be bulky and uncomfortable to wear. However, we do cater to what our clients want and so still offer this service.

Manningham Dental Services is here to help you get your smile back at a budget friendly price. For further information and to discuss what low cost single tooth replacement option may be best for you, get in touch with our friendly team today.