Implant-retained restorations are the stronger option for the replacement of multiple missing teeth, used either as single implant-retained crowns or as implant-retained bridges. Unlike tooth supported bridges where adjacent teeth support the false tooth, the jawbone supports implant-retained bridges, much like your natural teeth. We will assess the health of your teeth, gums and more importantly your bone to facilitate the treatment for your new teeth.

There are several options available for the replacement of multiple missing teeth, however each option will not be suitable for every patient.

In some cases, the remaining teeth are not strong enough for retention and therefore conventional bridges cannot be utilised. There may not be enough remaining teeth to hold a partial denture in which case consideration should be given to remove the remaining teeth to fit in a complete denture or an implant-retained structure. At MDS, we understand that every patient is unique and we will make sure to tailor each treatment so that you get the best results.