Full Mouth Teeth Replacement is a popular and reliable option for complete denture wearers or for those who have a debilitating dentition and are likely to lose all of their teeth. Here, the implants are placed and immediately restored with a temporary plastic bridge followed by the provision of a permanent bridge once the implants are healed in place. Full Mouth Teeth Replacement is a fast and reliable option where you can receive a full new set of teeth in only 3 days from the implant placement!

While there are many clinics that provide the Full Mouth teeth replacement in less than 24 hours, at MDS, we utilise a more staged approach. Every stage of the treatment is verified and necessary changes can be implemented along the way. This is why we choose to complete the procedure in three days rather than one, so we can cater for modifications including: shape and size of the new teeth, colour, bite and smile design.

  • Bite alignment
  • Length of new teeth
  • Position of new teeth
  • Aesthetics

If need be, the treatment will be completed in a major hospital under general anaesthesia, which will be fully equipped with appropriate facilities in the very rare case that unexpected complications occur. Only registered specialists who have formal training and many years of experience will work with you to reach your desired outcome.

At MDS, our goal is to provide you with a perfect smile, which is why we do not take short cuts when it comes to dentistry. Many clinics complete the Full Mouth Rehabilitation treatment using only the temporary bridge, though our fee includes more than just that. For a similar price, our fee will include the provision of not one, but two implant-supported bridges! One temporary, which is used for the first three months as the implant fuses to the bone and one final bridge, which is the permanent prosthesis.